The How and Why of Miracles

To many souls in the Consciousness Movement, simple belief and acceptance of miracles is enough. To these lucky ones, a miracle is really not a miracle. It is rather the unfolding of the divine plan. It is just the way that things are.  A miraculous healing is not a miracle at all, it just to be expected. To these people the law is there. To have faith and go with the law is all that is required. Could it possibly be otherwise? Often miracles of circumstance and healing abound in the lives of theses people.

To others, faith and trust is not such an easy task. These people can only relate to what is “scientific”, “rational”, or “provable”. It is to these people that this essay is addressed. Several possible Theories of Miracles will be described and related to what some would call “un-natural” occurrences. These occurrences can be described as “not within the laws nature”. Some call them coincidences, accidents, flukes, strokes of luck, healings, or miracles. These various approaches may appear separate, but these differences may be only  illusory, since the end results are all the same. These explanations present a spectrum ranging from the physical approach of science to the spiritual approach of modern religion.

Modern Day Physics

The various theories of modern day physics have strong implications in the manifestations of miracles. Current physics combine the relativity of Einstein with quantum theory and call it Quantum Field Theory. Under some circumstances this may also be called the Unified Field Theory. This theory states that the ultimate particle of matter is really energy. And this may not be energy as it commonly understood. It actually has wave characteristics. As such, this energy has qualities of frequency and vibration. For example the “particles” which we refer to as electrons, are now described as patterns of waves. And these patterns of waves seem to really be systems which can be best described in terms of probabilities. That is any particular atomic particle may or may not exist at a particular instant, but only has a particular probability of existing at that time. Another way of stating this would be to say that mass, or the basic building blocks of the universe, seems rather to be a dynamic pattern or process. Now we are talking about process rather than substance.

Quantum physics states that the whole universe appears to be a gigantic web of inseparable energy patterns. In modern day physics the universe is experienced as a dynamic inseparable whole, which always includes the observer. In this experience the traditional concepts of time and space, of isolated objects, and of cause and effect seem to no longer exist.

Holding the above view of the universe, the occurrence of miracles becomes not quite so miraculous. An individual’s conscious or unconscious thoughts may change these energy or wave patterns. These wave pattern changes in an individual’s mind may be the cause of, or the result of energy or wave patterns elsewhere in the universe. Again looking at the universe as one gigantic interconnect web of inseparable energy patterns, we can see that nothing is actually separate from anything else and what appears to be the separateness of objects may only be an illusion.

Now we can understand how perhaps a healer through his or her “intent” or dynamic thought processes can alter the energy patterns of a patient and actually physically change the anatomy, structure or physiology of that patient. Taking this one step further, one can see how miracles of circumstance can occur, as one’s energy patterns mesh and interconnect with all other energy patterns in the universe. “Coincidental” phone calls occur, lost objects are found, two friends meet in a distant land, water may turn to wine and the Red Sea may part.

The Theory of Causative Formation

Another approach to the explanation of miracles would be the Theory of Causative Formation, developed by a British biochemist named Rupert Sheldrake. He worked out this theory in order to account for 3 occurrences which he had observed in nature. One such occurrence was when a certain tribe of monkeys on an isolated island developed the habit of washing wild potatoes in sea water. Shortly thereafter, other groups of monkeys on distant, isolated islands also took up the same habit. Another event that Sheldrake observed was that it was particularly difficult to create crystals from a newly created compound. However once this difficult task was accomplished, it could then be done with greater ease anywhere else in the world. His third observation was that when a group of rats were allowed to learn a specific and difficult maze in one part of the world, rats in some other part of the world could solve that same maze in much easier fashion.

Sheldrake postulated that there is somewhere a “place” or dimension where all things are recorded. Somehow, a template is created. A mark is made in the record. Once so “recorded” this information is available to the entire universe. One need only to “tune in to it”. So to speak, it is beamed back to the universe, as if from a radio station. This process described by Sheldrake might account for certain occurrences, which heretofore may appear miraculous.

One’s thoughts or intentions are occurrences in this universe which may be recorded in this “dimension”. This dimension, according to the Theory of Causative Formation, might then be the means by which form is created in the universe. The templates are all there. When the an ant moves a grain of sand, or when a healer lays a hand on a patient with intent to heal, this dimension of accomplishment records the event and action may be taken. Now again, we see a universe bound together by a common bond, into one interconnected whole. Using this mechanistic model of Sheldrake’s, one might see how what may appear to be a miracle, is really quite reasonable.

Carl Jung’s concept of The Universal Unconscious is not unlike Sheldrake’s hypothesis.

Brain and Thought Theory

A recent theory of brain and thought function holds that information is stored in the brain in the form of a three dimensional hologram with billions of interfering and reinforcing energy wave patterns. However it is felt by some, that these wave patterns do not stop with brain matter, but rather extend out into the aura and beyond into the far reaches of the universe. Now if all matter is composed of energy wave patters, as stated in the current context of mind-brain research, we see the universe as a single unit. Our thoughts may now manifest themselves through these mechanisms in the world outside of our own bodies.

Spirit and Unity

The religions of the modern western world satisfy the needs of millions for the rational explanation of the phenomenon of miracles. People who could not conceive of things of an occult or metaphysical nature may now have no problem in accepting the concept of praying to an omnipotent being. This all powerful creator may then answer their prayers, and still not shake their framework of reality.

Many of the Eastern Religious Philosophies combine the essence of the previously described “scientific theories” into a mystical religious setting. These beliefs generally state that the entire universe is made up of a single essence, which may be called God or Life Force. These philosophies might further state that we are continuous with each other and also with everything that has, does, or will exist. We share a common mind and the differences which we perceive between ourselves may be only illusory. All knowledge is available to all beings. This mystical approach again brings us back to the oneness of the Universe and this system readily explains miracles to a large proportion of the world’s population.

And is it not possible that there is truly a Divine Intelligent Creator of all things, and these “mechanisms” here put forth are just how the This Creator operates our Universe?

Several possible explanations have been offered for the phenomenon of miracles. Most of these seem to end up on the same theme, and that is, The Unity of the Universe. Why then, all this writing to “explain”?

The answer is that growth does not usually occur in an instant. It is rather a gradual process. It may be better to explain a miracle in terms of something else that we can understand, rather than to fracture our entire concept of reality in a single stroke. The miracles will continue to occur with or without our permission. We can only hope to grow as we witness them. The greatest loss would be to deny an experience because we have no explanation. It is essential that we modify and change our rational and intellectual models, if need be, in order to expand around and encompass one’s own experiences.

It is possible to reach high levels of consciousness through the intellect. One must just be willing to change with experience. If an experience does not compute with the intellect, then “adjust the program in the computer”. Transformation by way of the intellect can be an exciting adventure.

“The Why”

As to the “why of miracles”, the answer is often not so obvious. Each miracle seems to have a plan or a lesson, or a reason behind it. Two people may meet by “coincidence” and both of their lives are forever changed. It is important to withhold judgment until all of the information is in. And all of the information may never be in. Often only the perspective of time may reveal the significance of a miracle. However, miracles do occur because of the great order and reason in the universe.