My Approach

My approach is holistic and I attempt to work with all aspects of a person’s life.   Sometimes this may be as simple as helping a person to make different lifestyle choices to reduce stress.  At other times we may have to delve into the complexities of a persons emotional and psychological life.  A person’s relationship to their past may be influencing their emotional difficulties in their present life.  Present relationships can also be a source of difficulty.  We are all products of everything that we have experienced in our lives.  I try to work in the present, with perhaps information from the past, in such a manner as to help a person create a better present and future.

Frequently in our Western Culture, people only deal with the physical aspects of illness.  This often results in a fruitless search for medical “cures”, as the whole person has not been approached.

As various physical illnesses engulf our bodies, we can feel helpless and without choices.  Physical illness is often a product of stress, depression or other emotional states with which we can deal.  We do have choices and options with which we can effectively address these conditions.

There are a broad range of therapies that view the body and psychological states as a unity, sometimes referred to as the Mind-Body.   When this is put in a spiritual context, it is often referred to as the Mind-Body-Spirit.

According to the Miriam – Webster Dictionary, “healing” is “to make or become healthy, sound or whole”.   Studies in medicine and psychology increasingly reveal a dynamic connection between the mind and the body.

My approach is holistic and encompasses the following three key modalities:

Psychotherapy plays an integral role either emotional or physical problems.  Where we are today is often a product of lifestyle choices or mal-adaptive thoughts and behaviors.  Looking beyond our psychological or physical symptoms to explore the underlying causes is the beginning of true change.

Healing is a method which is quickly gaining in popularity.  A few examples of this include Therapeutic Touch, Energy Healing, Reiki and Prayer.  Simply put, the physical body can be affected in a therapeutic manner by the touch and / or the intention of another, or of even one’s self.

Guided Imagery allows you to participate directly in your own healing by learning to go within yourself to visualize a state of health and well being.

These modalities may be used in conjunction with any conventional medical treatment which you are currently receiving from your own physician.  Undoubtedly, conventional medicine is a powerful and effective way to treat physical illness.  However, at times, it may fail to engage the entire person in the healing process.  As a result, lasting change may be not achieved.

As we proceed through our own inner transformation, we are more and more able to create the lasting personal change required to maintain a state of physical and mental wellness.