Be Sure To Pick Up The Pearls

Have you ever wondered if we are guided in our lives by a force that helps direct our journey?  Sometimes in my own life I’ve been struck by circumstances and phenomena that seem to speak to me with hidden messages; reminders that there is a deeper connection between myself and the universe.

These messages might appear large or small: Perhaps I’ll think of someone I hadn’t spoken to in years and within an hour they will call.  Or suddenly circumstances in my life unexpectedly change creating the perfect opportunity as if to answer to my urgent prayer.  At other times a simple smile from a stranger or a sudden revelation about one’s life can feel like part of a conspiracy to wake me up to a web of seemingly invisible connectivity.  I can’t help but sense at times that the universe itself seems to be having a conversation with us; asking us to take more notice; enticing us to pay attention to the everyday wonders.

It’s easy to miss these miracles large and small; to believe them to be meaningless fabrications of our own imagination.  Picture yourself walking down a beach, watching the waves and the birds flying by but failing to notice the many beautiful and valuable pearls lying in the sand by your feet.  These seemingly meaningless coincidences, answers to our prayers and daily miracles are those pearls; pearls we step over without noticing, without stopping to pick them up.

Earlier in my life it was rare that I would bend down to pick up one of these pearls, and even then I usually would discard it as a “coincidence”.   I found that these pearls were scarce and hardly ever presented themselves to me.

And then, for no reason that I could think of, I noticed that I was finding more and more pearls. What was the change? How was it that, the more pearls I found and picked up, the more pearls presented themselves to me to be found? The difference was that I began to see the deeper meaning and significance of each of these pearls. I began to polish them and put “them on the shelf” instead of discarding them.  I could no longer ignore them as I came to see the significance of them in my life.

I believe that these pearls are placed in our paths when we need them most as if sent as lessons from a higher power meant to aid us and guide us on our paths.

Watch for these pearls.  They are there.  They were there for me.  Experiencing just one of them could be a life-changing event.