Energy Healing

How does energy healing work?

Healing” has been around for many thousands of years and has existed in almost all cultures. The medicine man of our native American Indians is just one example. Many primitive cultures attribute the healings to their Gods, or spirits, or other entities. And perhaps these notions are not so far from the truth when they are viewed in the context of culture in which they originate.

One of the more recent theories involves the concept what is called Biogenergy. To put this in more concrete terms it thought by many that energy fields are a part of all biological systems. It is believed that perhaps these fields permeate, and extend beyond these biological systems. It is also believed by some that they may connect in some fashion with all things at all levels. Essentially this description sounds much like the concept of “Unity”.

There are no conventional scientific theories that explain spiritual or energy healing. Here are a few of the theories proposed within the spectrum of complementary/alternative medicine ( CAM ), or bioenergy medicine:*

  1. Biological energies of healers interact with those of healees to bring about changes.
  2. The intentions/wishes/meditations/prayers of healers can influence healees’ bioenergy fields.
  3. The intentions/wishes/meditations/prayers of healers can influence healees’ consciousness, bringing about changes that then influence healees’ problems.
  4. Discarnate intelligences (spirits, angels, Christ, saints or others in spiritual dimensions) bring about healings.
  5. Divine intervention produces healings.

One important key seems to be the intention of the healer. This can operate in the in the presence of the client, whereby the healer may place his or her hand on, or just above the affected area. It seems that this may be one way of focusing his or her intention on the area to be treated.

However another form of healing is called Distant or Absent Healing, whereby the healer may be many miles from the person that the healer is “intending” to heal. Somehow a “connection” is made. The results of this form of healing have been validated by double blind studies. Prayer can be classed as this form healing.

There are a broad range of hands-on therapies that view the psychological state and the body as a single unit sometimes referring to this as the Mind-Body. When this is put in spiritual context it is often referred to as the Mind-Body-Spirit. These include: massage, Reflexology, Applied Kinesiology, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch. Reiki Healing, Energy Healing and many more.

Often it is asked if one needs to have “faith” in the process. There is no research evidence to suggest that faith is required for healing. Animals, plants, and other organisms have responded to healing energy.

*Wholistic Healing Publications, Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABHM, Editor
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