“Wish I Hadda—” (Life With Fewest Regrets)

April 16th, 2009

Many times over the years we may have an idea or an opportunity to do something that we might really have liked to do.  Sometimes this idea almost “screams” at us.  And this could be in so many areas of life such as pursuing a certain profession, following a romance, going on a journey, buying a house, starting a business, or having children.  The list of “perhapses” is endless.

And then, perhaps unfortunately,  we may let it slide and our thinking becomes something like, “well, maybe next week, or next year”. And then the opportunity to do it is gone. Years might go by,  and then we may go through a process which I call, “Wish I hadda—” Written fully it would read, “I wish that I had of done this or that” In case you haven’t  noticed, this thing called life flies by at an increasingly rapid pace.  I believe that life will be a more meaningful experience if we put more meaningful experiences into it.

This does  not mean that one should  do just anything at the slightest whim.  We must use reasonable judgment and finances are often a factor.  The idea is that many years later, when following that urge is no longer an option, we may regret ” not having done it” and the dream becomes a Wish I Hadda—.”

As I look back at my life, I have made many choices, and some were real winners, and unfortunately, some were not.  But if I had chosen not to do some of things that had  not worked out, today I believe that I would regretted  not making the attempt and they would have joined the list of, “Wish I Hadda—”s.

An example in my own life, was when I was in my 20’s, myself and two of my friends had a dream and a plan to build a 35 foot sailboat with our own hands, and sail around the world.  And we knew that it would have taken years.  But finally when it became time to order several thousand dollars worth of lumbar, we “chickened “  And so a once in a lifetime opportunity vanished and it was added to my list of Wish I Hadda—“s. Another time I had a dream of opening a skate shop.  The finances and commitment were daunting, but I did it and have never regretted it.

One might end up with a long list of Wish I Hadda—“s. However, from my experience, one’s life will be far richer if this list is minimal . It is about having as few regrets as possible of things that we might have tried, or not tried.

In the now and today, my suggestion is give credibility to these “urges” and attempt to do as many of these worthwhile things as are achievable, so that as the years pass, the list of Wish I Hadda—“s is as short as possible.

And finally, If one has a dream it may happen.  If there no dream, it can never happen.

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