The Gift of Being Alive

May 23rd, 2018

I would like to share an event in my life that struck me most profoundly. And that event was the awareness of the “Gift of Being alive”. I believe that we should become aware of what this wonderful gift from God is, and not just take it for granted.

How often have we really noticed “The Gift of Being Alive”? Most of us in our everyday life may not even notice what a gift that life truly is. We take for granted all of the occurrences that constitute what we would consider that “being alive”. Somehow in our normal lives we barely notice these events. And these events, which range from the most minute, to the most profound occurrences.

I would like to relate a very personal experience. This event woke me up to the level that I had never experienced before. I became aware of the true gift that life really is. I imagine that perhaps some of you may have had a similar awakening.

In my case, I was in a coma for 2 months. Toward the end of my comatose state, the medical community had virtually given up on me, and they were talking to my family about placing me in a hospice. No diagnosis of my condition could be determined. My family fortunately said NO to the hospice recommendation. And because they said no to that suggestion, I am here today.

And so what was the “medication” that was ultimately effective in my case, and did truly save my life? It was Prayer, plain and simple. It was done by my wife, many of my friends, members of my temple congregation and also by total strangers. Even two churches in the east organized prayers on my behalf.

One day, I awakened in a hospital and noticed that indeed I must be alive. All kinds of tubes were coming out my body. I felt like I must be a plumber’s nightmare. How did I get here and where have I been. And there beside me was my wife, who had been with me virtually every hour and every day of this incredible ordeal.

And the process of coming alive again began. Just learning about how to sit up. How to eat. Learning how to walk again. Noticing the nurses that were caring for me. Noticing all of my senses, like seeing, hearing, feeling, taste and smell. Experiencing the joy of my family.

I began to explore the world in all of it’s glory. Things that I had hardly notice in my “former life”. The beauty of the sky, the clouds, and the stars, The birds and ducks and the worms that crawl. Butterflies. The trees that blew in the wind, the leaves and the flowers. I became aware of humankind with all of it’s beauty. Babies in strollers and children playing. Young couples walking holding hands. Some people running, others walking with walkers. My stopping to chat and relate with people, just because they were there. The list is endless.

I became acutely aware of the many, many pieces of life that constitute being alive. So many of those things I never really paid attention to while I was in my first piece of “normal life”, before that “coma event” woke me up.

My advice is to literally “wake up and smell the roses” and savor all that is today. Don’t wait for a serious event like I experienced to wake you up to the fact that Being Alive is Truly a Gift.

In your words and your thoughts always be thankful to God for this Gift of Life.

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