The Heartbeat

September 9th, 2009

As some of my readers might know, “healing” has been a part of my practice. Other terms to describe the process might be intention, prayer, or energy healing. To me it is all about The Connection we have with everyone and everything. At times I may lose my faith in the process, but then invariably an event like this, will put me be back on track.

A young woman had sought my services on this occasion for physical injuries that she had incurred as a gymnast. This time I was doing absent healing over the phone. We had established our connection, which was quite palpable to both us. I asked how she was feeling, and she said that she felt a pronounced “throbbing” in her body.

This had never occurred when I worked with her in person, or occasionally over the phone. When asked to describe the “throbbing”, she used her voice rhythmically to describe the rate of the throbbing. The rhythm was exactly that of my own heartbeat. We checked, and rechecked the rhythm, and there was no denying that heartbeats were accurately “synced”. Whether she was picking up my heartbeat, or I was picking up hers, it was an awesome event that literally shook us both. We will never forget it.

Certainly this was the lesson that I needed to put me back on track. For many that I have described this to, this event re-enforced their belief in The Connection. Others have literally rolled their eyes in skepticism. But for me, my belief has again been re-enforced most profoundly.

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