The Four Ducks

June 18th, 2013

For the past several years my wife and I have gone to a park, not far from our house several times a week. We have literally thought of it as “our park”. It is a beautiful park with trees, plants and a beautiful lake. And in the lake there are literally thousands ducks, swans, geese and all manner of birds. About a year ago we noticed 4 special looking ducks just hanging together. They always seemed to be around whenever we were there.

And then, for whatever reason my life seemed to fall apart. I was overwhelmed and I felt totally out of control. I was even looking for a “sign” that things get better. About that time, I went to “our” park with my wife and while she took her walk, I sat down about 10 feet from the edge of lake. Then all of a sudden those 4 ducks jumped right out of lake not more than 8 feet from where I was, and they just stayed there and looked at me for at least 20 minutes.

The lake has a shoreline of about 3 miles and the likelihood of “our” ducks jumping up right in front of me was infinitely small and certainly could not have been “just a coincidence”. I took it as a “sign” that things would get better. Well from that moment in time, the seemingly insurmountable problems were resolved in relatively short order.

And so I became a believer in “signs”. Based on my experience, any of you might consider “signs” as possibilities in your lives. Just be alert for them.

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