The Human Brain, A Most Amazing Search Engine

March 5th, 2013

I have often have gone to my computer curious about a question or needing some specific information.   Through the miracle of Google I pressed a button, and within a second, I have the information that I wanted or at the least I’m told that it isn’t available.

What a miracle, that much of the information generated by humanity over the last several thousand years seems suddenly available at the touch of a button…..and quickly.  I’m older than I used to be and I have noticed that my memory is also not what it used to be.  So very often there is word, or phrase, or piece of information, which I know that I know, but I just cannot pull it up.  It is just beyond my immediate memory.

Within an instant Google either comes up with the information or does not, and it then quits, but the miracle is, my brain does not quit.  My brain just keeps on searching, and invariably within a few minutes, or even the next day, the information “pops up”.  As a matter of fact, I have learned that I can’t even shut off that search engine aspect of my brain.  There is no off switch.  It just keeps on searching, and then at perhaps at a most inopportune time, it springs forth into my consciousness.

In this world of lightening speed search engines and internet connectivity, we can easily forget just how miraculous and powerful our own brains truly are.

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