On Positivity

December 7th, 2012

Over the last several years I have written much in my Newsletter about the value of being positive. I cannot say enough about the value choosing to be positive whenever possible, and at times it may be difficult.  Positivity is defined in Wikipedia is a good, affirmative, or constructive quality or attribute : take your weaknesses and translate them into positives. To manage your way out of recession, accentuate the positive.

I would like to quote a section out of book entitled The Happiness Report, by Amit Amin.  These statistics are the opinion of the author, but they are certainly worthy of consideration.

1. A marriage with 5x more positivity than negativity is significantly less likely to result in divorce.

2. A business team with 5x more positivity than negativity is significantly more likely to make money.

3. College students with 3x more positivity than negativity are significantly more likely to have flourishing mental health.

4. In general – when a human system contains 3 to 5x as much positivity as negativity, it is significantly more likely to thrive.

Much has been written about the power positive thinking, but it has been proven scientifically to be true.  When a positive mind anticipates happiness and health, these qualities usually are the result.

And positivity is contagious as is negativity.  Be cautious of people that are negative, because they also can “infect” you.  Notice how you level of happiness and contentment can vary depending who you hang with.  And finally, be selective of your friends and associates.

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