Put On the Armor

August 27th, 2012

Definition of Armor☹Wikipedia
A person’s emotional, social, or other defenses: his armor of self-confidence.

Perhaps one of the most important qualities required for success in our society is self-esteem However this quality can become quite fragile at times, especially if one is assaulted verbally by another, be it your boss, your mate, or anyone else. This means when you suspect such an assault may be forthcoming, you need to literally “put on your psychological armor”. This means there is no need to acknowledge or react to the assault when you know who you really are. The assaults just bounce off of the armor. Perhaps it is the one doing the assault who has the problem.

However, if this assault is “sprung” on you before you have time to don your armor, then do some examining of the event, “after the fact”. How really valid is the assault and who is this person that dares to attack you. Perhaps he or she has the problem. Most often with this “after the fact” examination, you still come out the winner and your self-esteem is not damaged.

For parents this whole concept is extremely important. Your young child will probably not have sufficient self-confidence to question his or her parent’s words and the child may take it all in, whether valid or not. Be very, very cautious with your words when correcting your child. Positive re-enforcement is much more effective than a negative assault.

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