Spend Each Minute Carefully

January 27th, 2012

Have you ever noticed that as one gets older that whoever or whatever is in charge of the clocks and calendars seem to make time pass at an increasingly rapid rate.

I remember as a young schoolboy, the summers seemed to last forever.  Today, summers seem to be gone almost before I even noticed that they have begun.

What I have recognized as I get older is that we do not get an infinite number of minutes with which to live our lives.  I have come to realize how precious that each minute can be, and I am determined spend each one of these minutes as wisely as I can.

Of necessity in our lives, many minutes may not seem to be meaningfully spent, but spent on the many requirements of life.  We can only do the best that we can do with the limited number of minutes that we are given.

Also “doing nothing” may be minutes well spent.  We all do need time be alone, to rest, to think, or not to think or to enjoy the many other things that may bring us peace.

Yesterday was beautiful winter Sunday. My wife and I decided to spend 180 of our minutes at a nearby beach. Those well spent minutes gave us a lovely day to remember forever.

Final thoughts from my experience; spend each minute as carefully and in an as meaningful fashion as possible.  This process can create memories that you may enjoy forever.  For me, it has.

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