Wait Until The Sun Comes Up

May 23rd, 2011

Have you ever noticed how often the emotional pain of anxiety and life’s normal worries can be greatly magnified after you have gone to bed at night?  And this can often cause you to loose a night’s sleep.

When you are troubled by the happenings of life at night when you are trying to sleep, sometimes it is nearly impossible to shut off the mind.  Around and around go the thoughts (usually negative).  Dozens of “what if’s” or “What shall I dos” bombard your brain.

I have learned in my own life that these horrific “going ons” of the night usually gain the perspective of reality after I awaken and go on with my normal daily activities and experience the light of day.

I am not saying that the seriousness if any issue should be ignored.  I am just saying, that if I  am able to “talk to myself” when those crazy thoughts seem to engulf me and just realize that everything will usually appear differently the next day.  Actually sunlight has been shown to have anti-depressant qualities.

If you can use it, this “self talk device” really works.   As the result you may be able to get night’s sleep, which you may not otherwise have had.

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