When a Miracle Occurs, Don’t Ask How, Just Accept

February 23rd, 2009

Some of us may have heard a story that goes like this:  A man arrived in heaven after having drowned when his small boat had sunk in very bad weather.  He asked God, why did  you not answer my prayers when I was in trouble?  To which God answered, do you remember when a man warned you not go to sea because of bad weather, and you said, “God will take care of me”?  Or when some men on a boat tried to rescue you, and you said “God will take care of me.”  And then when a helicopter tried to rescue you, and you said, “God will take care me.”  To which God replied, what more could I have done.

I had a similar experience as follows:  My brother and I were sailplane pilots, and we had gone to sailplane event in Minden, Nevada.  One evening during the event we went to a local casino, to invest a roll of nickels in the slot machines and hopefully get rich.  When we returned to our car, the engine would not start due to a very dead battery.  We made several unsuccessful phone calls to the local Auto Club to get help with starting the car. We felt quite helpless in a strange town.  I had been a practicing energy healer for many years, so I thought I might try my skills in restarting and engine from a dead battery.  I placed my hands on the hood of the car, asked my brother to “hit the starter”, fully expecting the engine to fire up from my incredible power.  However at the very instant that I asked my brother to “hit the starter” a truck from the local Auto Club pulled up and said something like, “Are you guys having trouble, and can I help you?”

Bottom line, when a miracle occurs, don’t ask how, just accept.

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