LYLWP (Live Your Life With Passion)

February 23rd, 2009

You might ask why should I live my life with passion?  What is there to be passionate about?  Most importantly it could add a dimension of  aliveness and richness to your life that you might never have been able to imagine.  And for another thing, it is totally optional. Living Your Life With Passion is not a requirement.

The word “Passion” has many synonyms, some which are excitement, enthusiasm, joy, fervor or zeal.  The opposite of passion would be boredom, tiresome, dullness, or monotony.  Which words fit your life?  Remember your choices are optional.

The first step is make a decision to do whatever is necessary to bring more of this lovely quality into your life.    It  is about changing one’s attitude in positive and joyful way in as many areas of your life as is possible.  Being passionate can become a habit.  And for sure there are areas of everyone’s life that are far beyond this “Pollyanna” approach.

Look at your work, your hobbies, your partner, the clouds in the sky, your children, your friends, the beauty of nature, etc.  Notice any areas that seem to “ignite” you, and then focus on them  and savor them. Rekindle these thoughts whenever a “funk” strikes.

If you cannot find such a place, then create it. It could involve joining an organization, or finding a hobby, or any one of a multitude of other possibilities that might turn you on in a passionate fashion.

I have asked myself, when am I most happy?  After much consideration, I realized that it was when  I was doing something about which I was most passionate, whether is something as simple as holding my wife’s hand or building a wooden boat.

It may be a challenge, but the rewards are well worth it.

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