Miracles: A Dialogue with the Universe

February 23rd, 2009

At some time in our lives, an occurrence bordering on the miraculous may occur.  I believe that these events are not random but actually brought into our lives as lessons to be heeded.  This has been my actual experience.

Definition of a Miracle, as per Encarta Dictionary:   An event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an Act of God.

To many, simple belief and acceptance of miracles is enough. To these lucky ones, a miracle is really not a miracle.  It is rather the unfolding of the divine plan.  It is just the way that things ought to be. A miraculous healing may not be a miracle at all, it is just to be expected. The religions of the modern western world satisfy the needs of millions for the explanation of the phenomenon of miracles.  To these people, prayers to an omnipotent being may be answered, and their framework of reality is not shaken.

To others, faith and trust is not such an easy task.  These people can only relate to what is “scientific”, or “rational”, or “provable”  One  of the several  “rational” theories of Miracles that can be alluded to is quantum  physics in which the Universe appears to be a dynamic web of interconnected and inseparable energy patterns.  In this experience the traditional concepts of time and space, of isolated objects, and of cause and effect no longer exist.  Holding this view of the Universe, the occurrence of miracles becomes not quite so miraculous. These wave pattern changes in the physical world, or an  individual’s mind or body may cause or be the result of energy or wave patterns elsewhere in the Universe.

Many of the Eastern Religious Philosophies combine the essence of the  “scientific theory” described above into a mystical religious setting. These beliefs generally state that the entire universe is made up of a single essence, which might be called God, Prana or Life Force. These philosophies might further state that we are continuous with each other and everything that was, does, or will exist.  We share a common mind and the differences which we perceive between ourselves are only illusory.    This mystical approach again brings us back to the oneness of the Universe and this system readily explains miracles to a large proportion of the world’s population.

These “miraculous” occurrences can now be described as ” within the laws nature” or ” not within the laws of nature”.  It is all the same. Some call them coincidences, blessings,  accidents, flukes, strokes of luck, healings, or miracles. These explanations present a spectrum ranging from the approaches of modern physics to the spiritual approach of today’s religions.

Now perhaps we can understand how an individual or group through their prayer, “intent” or dynamic thought processes can  create an event so “unbelievable” it becomes classed as the miracle that it really is.  Taking this one step further, one can see how miracles of circumstance can occur, as one’s energy patterns mesh and interconnect with all other energy patterns in the universe. We think about someone we have not seen for years, and they almost immediately call on the phone , lost objects are found, two people meet in a distant land and their lives are changed forever, water may turn to wine or the Red Sea may part.

And is it not possible that there is truly an Intelligent Creator of all things, and these “mechanism” put forth are this just how this Intelligent Creator operates our Universe?

As to the why of miracles, the answer seems less obvious. In my own life each miracle seems to offer a lesson; it’s presence bringing some new level of understanding to my life’s journey.  Perhaps we cannot clearly understand the significance of events as they unfold around us in each moment.  Yet, over the course of time, I can’t help but sense that these events are part of a larger dialogue, a conversation if you will, that a living and intelligent Universe seems to be having with its inhabitants.  Call it a Divine Creator or simply the impersonal mechanism of some mysterious force; either way it is hard to miss the sense of peace and awe that we feel when for a moment or maybe longer, we feel connected to something much bigger than our usual selves.

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