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Be Careful, It’s Contagious

June 19th, 2010

Have you ever been in a funk, and someone walks by and throws you a cheerful “Hi” with a smile, and your mood can change in the blink of an eye? Or when one is in a “down” mood, and then you walk into the presence of a bunch of “up” people and you can seem to catch their “up” mood.
Another example would be when the head of a business is an “up” person, that vibe seems to affect everyone in the organization.  Unfortunately,


Drowning in a Glass of Water

September 15th, 2009

I recently had a challenge in my life, where the outcome of my actions, at the very worse, would have been minimal and most likely would not have occurred at all. However the thought of the possible negative consequences overwhelmed me, and literally took over my life. I was doing one of things that I do best, and that is “catastrophizing ” (chronically looking at the worse possible outcome). My wife, in effort to help me see my “dysfunction” said, “Why are you are drowning


The Heartbeat

September 9th, 2009

As some of my readers might know, “healing” has been a part of my practice. Other terms to describe the process might be intention, prayer, or energy healing. To me it is all about The Connection we have with everyone and everything. At times I may lose my faith in the process, but then invariably an event like this, will put me be back on track.
A young woman had sought my services on this occasion for physical


Expectations: Lessons to be Learned

July 1st, 2009

The word “Expectation” sounds like a fairly benign word, and at times it has the potential for creating great joy. But at other times it can be a source of great difficulty and disillusionment and can become a force that can rule us in a most destructive fashion.
Some of the areas of expectation that I believe are most significant are the following:
1. Expectations that we have of others.
2. Expectations that we have of ourselves.


DNR (Do Not React)

June 1st, 2009

How often have we exploded in anger, and destroyed or altered a relationship, or perhaps even lost a job. We might have been “in the right” and our anger justified, but still our reaction may have been destructive to our well being.
The “human condition” has one basic biologically based behavior, and that is to react with full force when we are threatened whether it by a “saber tooth tiger”, or angry boss or perhaps just an irritated mate.


“Wish I Hadda—” (Life With Fewest Regrets)

April 16th, 2009

Many times over the years we may have an idea or an opportunity to do something that we might really have liked to do.  Sometimes this idea almost “screams” at us.  And this could be in so many areas of life such as pursuing a certain profession, following a romance, going on a journey, buying a house, starting a business, or having children.  The list of “perhapses” is endless.
And then, perhaps unfortunately,


Miracles: A Dialogue with the Universe

February 23rd, 2009

At some time in our lives, an occurrence bordering on the miraculous may occur.  I believe that these events are not random but actually brought into our lives as lessons to be heeded.  This has been my actual experience.
Definition of a Miracle, as per Encarta Dictionary:   An event that appears to be contrary to the laws of nature and is regarded as an Act of God.
To many, simple belief and


When a Miracle Occurs, Don’t Ask How, Just Accept

February 23rd, 2009

Some of us may have heard a story that goes like this:  A man arrived in heaven after having drowned when his small boat had sunk in very bad weather.  He asked God, why did  you not answer my prayers when I was in trouble?  To which God answered, do you remember when a man warned you not go to sea because of bad weather, and you said, “God will take care of me”?


LYLWP (Live Your Life With Passion)

February 23rd, 2009

You might ask why should I live my life with passion?  What is there to be passionate about?  Most importantly it could add a dimension of  aliveness and richness to your life that you might never have been able to imagine.  And for another thing, it is totally optional. Living Your Life With Passion is not a requirement.
The word “Passion” has many synonyms, some which are excitement, enthusiasm, joy, fervor or zeal.  The


Don’t Be Afraid To ——-

October 28th, 2008

1. smile and say hello to a stranger.
You will be delighted with the smile that comes back.
2. tell someone who you love that you love them . Sometimes words speak louder than actions.
3. play like a child.
You don’t stop playing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop playing.
4. compliment someone sincerely.
It could make their day, and yours.
5. share a loving feeling with someone close to you.

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